Research & Development

Research & Development.

Product innovation/R&D and production are intertwined. Venture provides a seamless integration from product development and material sourcing to manufacturing operations, creating considerable benefits from design for manufacturability, reliability, cost, customer product differentiation and faster time-to-market.

R&D Expertise Across Various Categories and Ecosystems.

Venture has R&D domain expertise and experience in various product categories and technology ecosystems. As a trusted partner, the Group works closely with its customers’ Product Marketing and Design teams, collaborating on technology feasibility, rapid prototyping and product realisation for worldwide market

Venture offers collaborative product design. On receipt of new product requirements and pertinent performance specifications from its customers, our R&D team immediately sets out detailed project schedule and progressive milestones for effective collaboration between both parties.

Throughout the course of the project, our experienced Program Managers work expeditiously to meet each project milestone and provide regular product development progress/update, as well as coordinate review meetings. Venture’s Product Development Life Cycle process provides customers with complete project transparency and traceability for better decision-making.

Venture’s R&D process is in accordance to applicable ISO9001 or ISO13485. Venture also has the ability to assist its customers in securing worldwide regulatory agency approval for their products.

Venture’s capabilities and experience include:

  • Precision mechanisms for accurate positioning and speed control
  • Ruggedised products meeting a wide range of operating temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, drop, tumble and ingress protection requirements
  • Consumer/wellness products with premium cosmetic and material finishing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Microcontroller-based electronics for high performance or low-cost applications
  • Embedded operating systems and software for real-time control
  • Free Space Optics
  • Precision Thermo & Fluidic Control System