Order Fulfilment

Venture has a well-integrated fulfilment management and execution system which is customer-driven and market-focused with a commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement. There is strategic synchronisation among Venture and its customers and partners, as well as all suppliers and business associates. Venture is committed to sustaining its proven robust fulfilment ecosystem and continues to resource it with relevant human capital, facilities, equipment and technology.

Lean Principles throughout the Fulfilment Ecosystem to Eliminate Waste and Ensure Productivity Gains.

Venture’s current manufacturing and fulfilment ecosystem is developed with suppliers clustered within close proximity with a superior balance between control, flexibility, assurance of supply, cost and lead time.

Venture has been able to help its customers optimise their business activities along the supply chain continuum through adoption of Lean principles throughout the supply chain. This has generated multiple benefits including elimination of waste, reduction in redundancy, productivity gains and other positive outcomes.

Venture is able to take advantage of its superior network of key component suppliers to drive customer-specific design and development of specialised/customised components. Working in close collaboration with its customer and supplier, Venture can lead the formation of an alliance of companies and provide key support towards the design and fabrication of precision tooling, high volume injection moulding and/or the assembly of precision components.

Venture continually qualifies and onboards new suppliers to achieve breakthrough level of competitiveness and to streamline suppliers’ value chain to achieve improved cost savings and operational efficiencies.