Product Industrialization

Product Industrialisation.

Product Industrialisation involving the transition from the design phase to mass production requires the consideration of many factors. It encompasses a broad range of back-end tasks including design validation testing, production test development, tooling and all manner of supply chain development and optimisation activities, which must commence at the same time as the design and product development phase.

High-Quality End-Products Subject to Industry Stipulated Testing Protocols.

Venture has played a key role in its partners’ product industrialisation programs, assisting its partners to launch and qualify multiple tools to meet their production targets. Venture’s experienced and dedicated engineers work closely with partners across the entire supplier eco-system to ensure timeliness and all component parts satisfy exact quality standards.

To ensure a high-quality end-product, initial tooled up parts are meticulously checked with all parts undergoing stringent pre-determined qualification process.
Venture works with an extensive network of supplier partners worldwide including supplier partners in low-cost regions, benefitting Venture’s partners with access to high quality components at competitive prices.
Venture’s product development ethos also mandates a rigorous verification and validation process to ensure high reliability when the product goes into production. Process capability (Cpk) and control charts of component parts are stringently measured and tracked during pilot production runs. All products undergo functional characterisation for product life assessment and reliability. Products are subject to applicable tests to meet industry stipulated testing protocols for environmental, EMC and safety requirements. Commencement of production follows a thorough review of all the results of the entire product industrialisation process.
Venture has demonstrated capability in developing customised automation systems for customers with high volume production. These systems have built-in sensing/diagnostic capabilities and are connected to in-house manufacturing execution systems for planning and tracking. Through the introduction of automation systems and smart factory, Venture’s customers have enjoyed improvement in productivity, quality assurance and consistency and many other incremental value-add.

Venture’s capabilities and experience include:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design for Excellence
  • Product Qualification
  • Reliability Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance