Venture is committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and doing our part to combat climate change. We do so by tracking our environmental performance against the material issues of climate change, energy, water, and waste. 

Care for the Environment.

Venture recognises and respects the delicate balance for co-existence of all natural resources. In addition to its ISO 14001 certification, we have in place an Environmental Management System with key green manufacturing programs. Group-wide green manufacturing initiatives include:

  • Implementation of restriction of hazardous substances (RoHs) directive with RoHs certified equipment in our facilities;
  • Implementation of Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) FREE Process Verification Scheme;
  • Control and management of emissions, noise and wastewater discharge in all of our facilities;
  • Establishment of waste management systems and recycling programs;
  • Resource conservation programs on the use of water, power, paper and other materials in our manufacturing facilities and offices; and
  • Promulgation of our Environmental Policy and its programmes
Venture’s Environmental System Management (EMS) Committee reviews and implements group-wide green initiatives. The Committee has oversight of Venture’s compliance with all regulatory requirements, and is responsible for improving its overall environmental footprint.
Venture has not been subjected to any regulatory fine or penalty in relation to environmental matters or other environmental aspects. Venture is committed to publishing this information, along with any other significant matters relating to environmental performance, as they occur.