Value Chain Management

Providing End-to-End Solutions for our Valued Partners

  • Research & Development

    Product innovation/R&D and production are intertwined. Venture provides a seamless integration from product development to manufacturing operations, creating considerable benefits from design for manufacturability, reliability, cost, customer product differentiation and faster time-to-market.

    Venture has R&D domain expertise and critical knowhow in various product categories and ecosystems. As a trusted partner, Venture works closely with its customers’ Product Marketing and Design teams collaborating on technology feasibility, rapid prototyping and product realisation.

    Venture offers collaborative product design. On receipt of new product requirements and pertinent performance specifications from its customers, Venture’s R&D team immediately sets out detailed project schedule and milestones for effective collaboration between both parties. Throughout the course of the project, Venture’s experienced Programme Managers work expeditiously to meet each project milestone and are readily available to provide regular product development progress/update, as well as coordinate review meetings to gather feedback. The adoption of Venture’s Product Development Life Cycle process for all projects provides customers with complete project transparency and traceability for better decision-making.

    Venture’s R&D process is in accordance to applicable ISO9001 and/or ISO13485. Venture also has the ability to assist its customers in securing worldwide regulatory agency approval for their products.

    Venture’s capabilities and experience include:

    • precision mechanisms for accurate positioning and speed control
    • ruggedised products meeting a wide range of operating temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, drop, tumble and ingress protection requirements
    • consumer products with high quality cosmetic and material finishing
    • battery operated products with optimised battery performance
    • wireless connectivity including BT, WiFi, Cellular, ZigBee, LPWAN
    • microcontroller-based controllers for high performance or low-cost applications
    • embedded operating systems and software for real-time control
    • intuitive man-machine interface
  • Product Industrialisation

    Product Industrialisation involving the transition from the design phase to mass production requires the consideration of many factors. It encompasses a broad range of back-end tasks including design validation testing, production test development, tooling and all manner of supply chain development and optimisation activities, which must commence at the same time as the design and product development phase.

    Venture has played a key role in its partners’ product industrialisation programmes, assisting its partners to launch and qualify multiple tools to meet their production targets. Venture’s experienced and dedicated engineers work closely with partners across the entire supplier eco-system to ensure timeliness and all component parts satisfy exact quality standards. To ensure a high-quality end-product, initial tooled up parts are meticulously checked with all parts undergoing stringent pre-determined qualification process.

    Venture works with an extensive network of supplier partners worldwide including supplier partners in low-cost regions, benefitting Venture’s partners with access to high quality components at competitive prices.

    Venture’s product development ethos also mandates a rigorous verification and validation process to ensure high reliability when the product goes into production. Process capability (Cpk) and control charts of component parts are stringently measured and tracked during pilot production runs. All products undergo functional characterisation for product life assessment and reliability. Products are subject to applicable tests to meet industry stipulated testing protocols for environmental, EMC and safety requirements. Commencement of production follows a thorough review of all the results of the entire product industrialisation process.

    Venture has demonstrated capability in developing customised automation systems for customers with high volume production. These systems have built-in sensing/diagnostic capabilities and are connected to in-house manufacturing execution systems for planning and tracking. Through the introduction of automation systems and smart factory, Venture’s customers have enjoyed improvement in productivity, quality assurance and consistency and many other incremental value-add.

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Venture believes in integrating innovative technologies in both products and processes to improve the manufacturing frontier and provide exceptional value-add to its partners/customers. Many global OEMs in leading technology domains have selected Venture as their preferred partner, working in close collaboration from product conceptualisation to commercialisation with Venture, taking full advantage of the company’s advanced manufacturing capability.

    Venture’s advanced manufacturing capability and leading-edge is underpinned by multiple enablers including lean manufacturing initiatives, enhanced supply chain integration, technology assimilation, robotic/automation system deployment and its customer-focused TCS (Total Customer Satisfaction) management system.

    Venture’s global facilities complete with advanced manufacturing techniques and Lean culture enable Venture to deliver on its commitments to customers, often times exceeding expectations across all fronts.

    Venture has an efficient and effective supply chain focused on strategic commodity and supplier cluster management. Together with a proven SAP-ERP system, Venture is able to support customers’ operational objective to streamline business processes and improve productivity.

    Venture serves a wide spectrum of customers with products of varying complexities, mix and volume and strategically deploys automation and robotics in consultation with its customers to enhance workflow, drive productivity and improve efficiency.

    Venture is well placed to help its customers achieve greater operational agility and faster time-to-market by leveraging its smart factories across the globe. Today, operations technology are beginning to integrate with information technology through IIoT where real-time data analysis is made possible via smart sensors and embedded computing in industrial machines. Information gathered can be quickly deployed for preventive and prescriptive measures, further improving production efficiency and quality.

    Venture prides itself in its capability to achieve consistent three-micron placement accuracy, a challenging process that goes beyond machine placement accuracy to include material and adhesive selection, DFM, process control, inspection, curing method and rework capability.

    Venture has critical capabilities in vapour phase cum vacuum soldering, achieving consistent quality solder joint especially in RoHS processes. Venture has also developed a matured process in RF soldering for 100GHz products.

    Venture’s High Z cleaning capability comes with critical understanding of incoming water system treatment, flux selection and process characterisation coupled with a stringent verification system.

    An experienced engineering team underpinned Venture’s domain expertise in Optoelectronics covering die-attach, wire bond, seam seal, can welding, fibre splicing, laser cleaving with testing expertise not limited to laser programming, over-temperature final test, wavelength/spectrum, BER, receiver sensitivity, RIN, OTNR, OSNR and dispersion penalty under stringent ESD Quality control in clean room facilities.

    Venture’s capabilities and experience include:

    • a strong supply chain team, focusing on procuring materials with the best cost characteristics, highest quality and OTD to support production demand and customer ramps
    • advanced manufacturing teams developing new processes and manufacturing strategy
    • manufacturing teams with expertise in planning, production and engineering
    • configuration and fulfilment services
    • after market services
  • Supply Chain Management

    Venture has a well-integrated supply chain management and execution system which is customer-driven and market-focused with a commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement. There is strategic synchronisation among Venture and its customers and partners, as well as all suppliers and business associates. Venture is committed to sustaining its proven robust supply chain ecosystem and continues to resource it with relevant human capital, facilities, equipment and technology.

    Venture’s current manufacturing and supply chain ecosystem is developed with suppliers clustered within close proximity with a superior balance between control, flexibility, assurance of supply, cost and lead time.

    Venture has been able to help its customers optimise their business activities along the supply chain continuum through adoption of Lean principles throughout the supply chain. This has generated multiple benefits including elimination of waste, reduction in redundancy, productivity gains and other positive outcomes.

    Venture is able to take advantage of its superior network of key component suppliers to drive customer-specific design and development of specialised/customised components. Working in close collaboration with its customer and supplier, Venture can lead the formation of an alliance of companies and provide key support towards the design and fabrication of precision tooling, high volume injection molding and/or the assembly of precision components.

    Venture continually qualify and onboard new suppliers to achieve breakthrough level of competitiveness and to streamline suppliers’ value chain to achieve improved cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Venture has demonstrated ability to collaborate with its customers throughout the design, pilot and implementation, launch and commercialisation of their new products and solutions. Given Venture’s wide-ranging experience from product design to manufacturing, it is able to support its customers in product lifecycle management. Increasingly, customers have selected to work with Venture in the management of the lifecycle of their products, leveraging the expertise of Venture across its supply chain, technology/design laboratory and processing/manufacturing centres.

    In every collaborative partnership, Venture endeavours to build an in-depth understanding of the customer’s business, products and processes. A Venture team comprising programme managers, R&D engineers, procurement and logistics specialists and other relevant personnel are assembled to provide support to the customer in managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and fulfilment including product refresh and eventual end-of-life management.

    Amid today’s dynamic market conditions, Venture is cognizant of its customers’ need to evolve its business strategy and has been able to support customers’ product lifecycle management programmes with planning flexibility and manufacturing responsiveness. It has demonstrated agility and deftness and delivered multiple benefits to its customers including identification of opportunities, acceleration in time-to-market, maximisation of supply chain collaboration, reduction in prototyping costs and waste and product optimisation.