Sustainability & Governance

Sustainability at the Core

  • Value Creation DNA

    Since its founding, it is Venture’s strong belief that value creation must lie at the heart of all the operations carried out by the Group. Guided by its vision, mission and values, Venture has seen its relentless pursuit of excellence contribute to its all-round progress. Besides having a strong focus on economic performance and technological leadership, Venture takes pride in having contributed to the economy and the society through the creation of more than 12,000 quality jobs worldwide, covering Research, Products and Solutions Development, Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Order Fulfilment, Product Distribution and Reverse Logistics.

    As Venture continues to build on its current success, the Group remains appreciative of how an increasingly interconnected economic-social-environmental landscape can impact the natural environment and fabric of the society. At Venture, it is the Group’s belief that business success must be accompanied by unwavering principles of integrity.

  • Sustainability Approach

    Venture recognises that a comprehensive business sustainability plan is essential in helping the Group build a resilient, sustainable and adaptable enterprise in a fast-changing and technology-driven world. The Group takes a strategic approach to sustainability by aligning its sustainability focus areas with its core values. The Group believes that success should be grounded by sound corporate governance practices, building a diverse and engaged workforce, as well as pioneering innovation.

    Venture is committed to delivering exceptional performance and value to all its stakeholders. It is an everyday pursuit, to raise the bar of organisational and financial excellence. The Group has consistently been ranked “Best in Class” in areas of technology, quality, responsiveness, delivery, cost and environment.

  • Sustainability Reports

    In line with Venture’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we no longer print the Sustainability Report. Please view the online version instead.

    View Online Sustainability Report

    We value all feedback on our sustainability reporting journey. Please contact us at

  • Code of Conduct

    The Group recognises that its growth and success must be anchored firmly on a framework of sound corporate governance principles, practices and processes. It believes that its drive towards effective corporate governance and ethical corporate conduct will translate to sound business decisions, underpinning its operational and financial performance and delivering value to all stakeholders.

    Acknowledging that its people are the key upholders of such standards, the Group has conscientiously nurtured strong corporate governance culture amongst its Board of Directors, Management and its employees. In addition, the Group engages its supply chain partners and business associates actively in the development and implementation of robust corporate standards and practices.

    Venture’s Code of Conduct sets out a common approach for corporate-wide development of policies and practices. The Code applies to every Venture employee around the world without exception.

    View Code of Conduct Policy

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Venture is committed to providing products and services produced in a way that respects fundamental human rights and the environment, preserves every worker’s right to a safe and fair workplace, and upholds high standards of business ethics. We are keen to work with all stakeholders, including our suppliers in the value chain, to promote and maintain a resilient and sustainable supply chain. Through close cooperation with our suppliers, we strive to positively influence their environmental, social and governance performance.

    View Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

    Venture firmly believes that a strong corporate culture of compliance translates into sound business decisions, which underpin sustained excellence in operational and financial performance, and ultimately deliver value to all stakeholders.

    We conscientiously promote and maintain a corporate culture within the Venture Group that upholds the highest standards of integrity, and adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards inducement, bribery and corruption. All officers, directors and employees of the Venture Group are expected to conduct themselves with utmost business integrity under any circumstances.

    The Venture Group prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption in all jurisdictions where we operate.

    View Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

  • Compliance with Export Control Laws

    Venture’s Group-wide export control compliance programme (“ECCP”), which applies to all Venture employees, sets out a framework of operational controls and protocol that requires the Group’s internal and external transactions to be conducted in compliance to applicable export control laws and regulations, including without limitation, the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the Singapore Strategic Goods (Control) Act and the Malaysia Strategic Trade Act.

    Any Venture employee who has knowledge of facts or incidents which she believes may violate applicable export control relations, whether intentional or accidental, is required to report the matter promptly to the Group Export Compliance Officer. Further, employees will receive export control training including a run-through of the Group’s ECCP. Employees can refer to the Company’s guidelines to clarify any uncertainties that they may have.

    The Group also periodically reviews practices at high risk operational units for compliance with its ECCP.

    View ECCP

  • Responsible Minerals Policy

    The Group is committed to responsible sourcing of components and materials from companies that share its values around human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility. We are in full support of global initiatives such as section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank Act”) and OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (“OECD DDG”), which aims to encourage responsible manufacturing processes with transparent sourcing.

    Venture supports the actions of Responsible Business Alliance (“RBA”) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (“GeSI”) and our Responsible Minerals Policy is modelled on RBA reporting requirements.

    Venture works closely with its supply chain partners and suppliers to ensure compliance to RBA standards on responsible minerals and Annex II of the OECD DDG, which outlines that specified metals are not to be sourced from mines in Conflict Regions that are controlled by non-government military groups, or unlawful military factions or involving issues highlighted in Annex II of the OECD DDG, such as armed groups, serious abuses, security forces, bribery, money laundering etc.

    View Responsible Minerals Policy

  • Gifts and Business Entertainment Policy

    Venture does not condone employees accepting anything beyond modest gifts or business entertainment from existing or potential customers, suppliers or other business partners at all times.

    The Group is cognizant that there will be business associates including suppliers, customers and business partners who will still bear gifts especially during festive occasions. Employees are thus advised to refer the Group’s Gifts and Business Entertainment Policy and exercise discretion in the acceptance and retention of such gifts.

    View Gifts and Business Entertainment Policy

  • Environmental Policy

    The Venture Group recognises and respects the delicate balance for co-existence of all natural resources. The attainment of the ISO 14001 certification is just a starting point. Beyond this, the Group has an Environmental Management System with key green manufacturing programmes. Group-wide green manufacturing initiatives include:-

    • RoHs implementation with RoHs certified equipment in its facilities;
    • Ozone Depleting Substance (“ODS”) FREE Process Verification Scheme;
    • control and management of air emissions, noise and wastewater discharge in all its facilities;
    • establishment of waste management systems and recycling programs;
    • resource conservation extending to the use of water, power, paper and other materials in its manufacturing facilities and offices; and
    • promulgation of its Environmental Policy and its programmes to all persons working for and on behalf of the Group.

    The Group has an Environmental System Management (“EMS”) Committee to review and implement group-wide green initiatives. The Committee aims to comply with all regulatory requirements while improving the Group’s overall environmental footprint by reducing waste, water, power, CO2 emissions and any other materials by optimizing outputs and increasing productivity levels.

    Year to date, Venture has not been subjected to any regulatory fines or penalties in regards to environmental matters or other environmental aspects. Venture is committed to publishing this information, along with any other significant matters relating to environmental performance, as they occur.

    View Environmental Policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

    Recognising that its employees are its most valuable assets, Venture places importance in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment across its global operations and facilities. To this end, Venture has implemented environmental health and safety quality standards at all sites and has put in place, processes to ensure that these safety regulations and standards are never compromised.

    Regular management reviews are conducted to enhance its existing safety standards and practices, as well as its compliance to the applicable codes, regulations and laws in the countries in which it operates.

    View Health and Safety Policy

  • Personal Data Protection Policy

    Venture respects the privacy of personal data disclosed to the Group and is committed to protect the personal data of an individual according to applicable laws. The collection, use and disclosure of personal data is outlined in Venture’s Personal Data Protection Policy.

    View Personal Data Protection Policy

    If you have any questions or concerns on this Policy and any related queries, please contact Venture’s Personal Data Protection Officer at or by post at 5006 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #05-01/12 TECHplace II Singapore 569873.

  • Quality Policy

    Ensuring customer satisfaction – this is the underlying core value on which we have built our quality mission. We believe that quality is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction and provides the foundation for long-lasting partnerships.

    Venture’s first rate services and quality proven products are achieved through an effective customer feedback system, a fervent compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and a mindset to continuously improve and maintain the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.

    Venture adopts a Total Quality Control (“TQC”) approach through total participation and commitment of staff at all levels. Venture’s quality policy and its objectives are clearly communicated throughout the organisation as well as to its customers and suppliers. Venture’s operations and processes have been built to meet international quality standards.

    Venture has a comprehensive quality assurance system that satisfies the requirement of international standards including ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, EN 9100 and TL 9000.

    Venture’s head office in Singapore is a member of the Singapore Quality Class, a recognition accorded by the Singapore government for excellent and consistent quality standards and practices.

    View Quality Policy

  • Whistle-Blowing Policy

    Venture Corporation Limited (the “Company”) together with its subsidiaries (the “Venture Group”) is committed to abiding by laws and regulations and maintaining high standards of ethics, integrity and professional behaviour in the conduct of its business and does not condone any Wrongdoing by the Venture Group and its officers. The Whistle-Blowing Policy (the “Policy”) provides a framework to promote responsible and secure whistle-blowing of Wrongdoings by Whistle-Blowers without fear of reprisal, for appropriate investigation and action.

    The Policy aims to:

    a) build and strengthen a culture of transparency, trust and integrity within Venture Group to deter Wrongdoings;
    b) provide a confidential and transparent process for Whistle-Blowers to report Wrongdoings;
    c) provide assurance of Venture Group’s of commitment to:

    • as far as permissible, keep the identity of the Whistle-Blower confidential
    • protect the Whistle-Blower from reprisals and adverse consequences on matters reported in good faith; and
    • conduct investigations independently and without prejudice and bias

    Reports and related queries under this Policy shall be brought to the attention of the Audit & Risk Committee (“ARC”) Chair via any one of the following channels:

    a) By Telephone: +65-6848 8096

    • Office hours – 8.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Outside office hours – we advise callers to report via email or by post.

    b) By Email:
    c) By Post: The Head of Internal Audit and marked to the attention of the ARC Chair

      Venture Corporation Limited
      5006 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
      #05-01/12 TECHplace II
      Singapore 569873

    A report involving the Head of Internal Audit, shall be submitted directly to the ARC Chair. The ARC Chair can be identified from the Company’s latest annual report, which is available online at this URL: