Corporate Profile

A Leading Global Provider of Technology Solutions, Products and Services

Venture (SGX: V03.SI) was formed in 1989 as an electronic services provider after the merger of three companies. With over three decades of consistent growth and 12,000-strong today, the Group is a leading provider of technology services, products and solutions, with established capabilities spanning innovation, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability and supply chain management in diverse technology domains.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Group comprises more than 30 companies worldwide with Centres of Excellence in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, America and Europe.

The Group is well-known for its deep know-how and expertise in various technology domains. These include life science, genomics, molecular diagnostics, medical devices and equipment, healthcare, luxury lifestyle and wellness technology, test and measurement technology instrumentation, networking and communications, advanced industrial as well as computing, printing and imaging technology.

Venture will continue to invest in new technologies and enhance its talent pool and their technical capabilities to offer a wide range of differentiated services. It is the preferred partner-of-choice for over 100 global companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, and ranks among the best in managing the value chain for leading electronics companies.

The Power Of Shared Values

At Venture, we work as a closely-knit team with a shared value system, where seeking to realise the corporate vision and achieve personal fulfillment is an everyday pursuit.

Our core values are essential enduring principles that guide every Venture staff, by way of our policies, practices and goals. These deep-rooted internal values shape our attitude towards our work and direct us in the way we behave and work with our colleagues, customers and business partners.

We believe our core values will steer us to the best path for achieving our desired goals, both individually and as a team.

Relentless pursuit of excellence

Rendering the highest level of total customer satisfaction

Encouraging employees to realise their full potential

Building strong cohesion and teamwork

Fostering creativity and innovation