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In the world of consumer and lifestyle electronics, OEMs are constantly debuting new innovative products to keep pace with the demands of sophisticated global consumers. In their pursuit to satisfy the insatiable needs of their markets, the OEMs expects exceptional value-add from their partners. Known for its innovation and expertise in managing the entire value chain, including supply, manufacturing, sourcing and distribution, Venture is a preferred partner of choice for Tier 1 OEMs in the Retail, Hospitality, Financial, Self Service and Gaming market segments.

The Group has been entrusted with the design, manufacturing and fulfilment of a full range of consumer/lifestyle products from product development and testing to market launch. Venture’s strong competency in engineering enables cost breakthrough by means of design and the whole supply chain. Its agility in manufacturing support ensures rapid ramp to meet strong market take-up and continuous scaling as required. Within the Group’s clusters of ecosystems, Venture is also able to streamline suppliers’ value chains and/or develop new tiers of suppliers to achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies, delivering impactful competitive solutions to its partners.

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