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Venture's capabilities in manufacturing, be it in high-volume products or in high-mix, low-volume products of the highest complexity, together with investments in state-of-the-art process and product technology, sets us apart in the ESP arena. Our seamless manufacturing system provides web-based, real-time infrastructure interfaces with customers and suppliers from the NPI stage to the production ramp, promising product quality and cost efficiencies. With the help of computerized process simulation, we are able to achieve quick set-ups for high-volume production runs as well as optimise utilisation for the high-mix, low-volume manufacturing environment in the shortest time possible.

Venture provides a full spectrum of high value-added, integrated turnkey manufacturing services including:

  • complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) of more than 12 layers
  • strategic sub-assemblies, complex fibre optics assemblies, and the manufacturing of photonic switches
  • full product assemblies (box-build) across various product segments
  • systems integrations
  • complex test development services

Supporting these core EMS offerings is a wide range of related activities including: