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E-fulfillment Services

In an extremely progressive and dynamic operating environment, Venture has consistently demonstrated its ability to bridge the gaps encountered by its customers. From "point of conception" to "point of consumption", where as a stand-alone service or as part of our value chain management services, our EFS team is dedicated to adding value to the entire supply chain and the life-cycle of the product through collaborative partnerships in:

  • new business models
  • supply chain strategy & management
  • order management
  • logistics & micro-distribution
  • reverse logistics
  • post-sales technical support
  • supplier management
  • product engineering

Through comprehensive network analyses, Venture aims to help our customers optimise the overall supply chain cost structure by developing solutions that will reduce inventory driven costs, transportation costs, manufacturing overheads, material costs, and tax/duties and more. In addition, our close partnership with various transportation and logistics companies gives us a global reach that is able to support the various strategies for delivering our customers products in the most timely and cost-effective way.

Our capabilities are supported by a universal ERP system that facilitates information flow and provides an IT infrastructure that links us with our business partners all over the world in a real-time manner.