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ASIC Design

To date, Venture's team of highly experienced ASIC designers boasts numerous designs to its name. Our services in this field include architecture design, implementation from MathCAD or software models, combination logic for tight integration, state machine implementation, soft core implementation of embedded processors/controllers, real time control, I/O connectivity, implementation of algorithms and hardware assists for performance.

Industry-leading CAD tools are used for ASIC design, synthesis, test vectors generation and simulation. The final implementation of ASIC could vary from CPLD, FPGA or gate array, to full custom. Venture also carries out functional verification thoroughly using FPGA or emulation before tape-out.

Key considerations such as ASIC pin layout and I/O buffers are performed to achieve an optimal system performance. We have also worked in close collaboration with back-end semiconductor suppliers to provide complete and thoroughly tested solutions for our customers.