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Beyond EMS

Venture has made significant progress and achieved tremendous growth in its business in 2007 and these achievements will lay the foundation for the next chapter in Venture's journey. A journey in pursuit of Innovation, Technology and Excellence.

As the Group ventures beyond, it will challenge the human mind and the spirit of enterprise, dynamism, empowerment and innovation to pull down barriers and break new ground, transcending limits to reach new level of excellence and new height of technology.

Venture, dare to venture - beyond new frontiers, beyond boundaries, beyond expectations - to redefine new realms of possiblities.

This vibrant spirit that embraces change and progress, together with the Group's vision, founded on time-honoured values of excellence, reliability and dedicated commitment and service - to be the best and more reliable electronics services provider and strategic global partner for successful global companies, providing a fully integrated range of electronics manufacturing servcies (EMS), original design manufacturing (ODM) and e-fulfilment services (EFS) - will continue to underpin its business as the Group strides forth to build robust market presence and growth.